Simone Menne: Settlement with Germany’s Supervisory Board Chairmen

Simone Menne

Are the chief controllers of our corporations incorrigible chauvinists? That’s the impression you get when you listen to Simone Menne. “There are still sayings you can hardly imagine,” the multi-supervisory board member told ZEIT recently in an interview. “There are no women in our industry,” they say, for example. “Or, intellectually, she’s not ready yet. Or they make jokes. Some of the gentlemen are over 70 and don’t know it any different. That must change.” We’re afraid: Simone Menne is right.

Incorrigible Chauvis get Contra

A number of supervisory board chairmen still belong to the old guard, which grew up in the 50s and 60s and has not yet completely abandoned the understanding of their role at that time. But the good news is: the number of those who tick differently is growing. And incorrigible chauvis are getting more and more contra thanks to the change of generation and the rising quota of women. However, it would be important that female and young supervisory board members also move up to the control centres of the supervisory board members. Unfortunately, she “does not sit on the committees that decide,” says multi-supervisory board member Menne (Deutsche Post, BMW). However, a positive trend can also be observed here: More and more women are joining important committees, such as Vonovia or Deutsche Börse. This can go on like this.