Herbert Hainer: A governance reformer for FC Bayern?

Herbert Hainer

FC Bayern Munich in the “Tops” of the GermanBoardNews? Some will rub their eyes in amazement after we have often criticized the club. Because of Uli Hoeneß, who returned to the top of the supervisory board after his prison sentence. Because of the Alphatier Supervisory Board. Because of the term of office of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. But now the cards are being reshuffled: since last week it has been clear that former Adidas boss Herbert Hainer is replacing Hoeneß as chairman of the supervisory board – and Oliver Kahn is becoming the new CEO.

Now is the time for the board of directors

This is both a challenge and an opportunity for FC Bayern. The situation is comparable to that of a family business where the patriarch leaves: On the one hand, the club loses a leader with charisma and entrepreneurial flair. On the other hand, Herbert Hainer can bring a breath of fresh air into the company, reform governance structures and thus make Bayern AG less dependent on people. An important step would be the appointment of independent supervisory boards that do not belong to the circle of sponsors and Hoeneß buddies. Because that would be the end of the network of friendships and business relationships that is currently still proliferating – and making “checks and balances” more difficult.