Cewe chairman of the board Korte: When Labour & Capital Merge


Good for business, good for society: Employee share ownership encourages entrepreneurial thinking just as much as a more even distribution of wealth. This seems particularly important to us at present, because digitisation dividends strengthen the capital factor and increase inequality. This development is water on the mills of populists; there is a threat of redistribution excesses that restrict entrepreneurial freedom. Unfortunately, however, only one third of listed companies offer employee shares, and in many cases less than half of their employees participate. Positive effects remain manageable.

From co-determination to co-ownership

One exception is photo service provider Cewe, whose Chairman of the Supervisory Board Otto Korte is familiar to some of you from the last German Supervisory Board Conference (DART): According to a current list in the Handelsblatt, more than 80 percent of the employees hold a stake in the company. This is probably also due to the fact that people in Oldenburg are padding and not spilling: Employees get eight bonus shares a year. The vision of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board is an “association of employee shareholders” that votes at the Annual General Meetings. We think Having already successfully mastered a digital transformation, Cewe is now optimally positioned for the next phase of digitization. This is undoubtedly due not least to the competent and diverse composition of the Supervisory Board (women’s quota: 58 percent).