Deutsche Börse: Why the Scale growth segment is failing

Deutsche Börse

The new “New Market” comes under fire. The “WirtschaftsWoche” wrote at the beginning of June that “even dubious companies would advertise undisturbed for the money of private investors” via the Scale stock exchange segment. Deutsche Börse wanted to avoid exactly that when it opened the segment for founders and medium-sized companies two years ago: scandals such as those on the “Neuer Markt” were under no circumstances intended to shake confidence. The Association of Supervisory Boards in Germany (VARD) and we therefore proposed a paradigm shift at the time: Why not make corporate governance criteria such as an independent supervisory board a condition for scale-listing?

The stock market as a governance driver – why not?

Today more than ever, we are convinced that this would be the best way to prevent scandals, create trust and strengthen the share culture. Because the financial criteria that the stock exchange imposes on companies say nothing about corporate management and corporate culture. We are therefore convinced that Deutsche Börse must redefine its role and establish corporate governance standards instead of examining financial ratios in a bean counter manner. This would strengthen the corporate and share culture in equal measure and would be a truly forward-looking initiative. How about it, Theodor Weimer and Joachim Faber?