Women’s quota: How Zalando & Co. provoke new laws


Yes, a target figure of “0 percent” for the women’s quota may make sense temporarily – for example, if a board consists of only two to three men who have different “mindsets”. However, in such cases companies have to take the trouble to explain their motives in a comprehensible way in the annual report. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. The Handelsblatt, for example, criticises the automotive supplier Norma, which succinctly points out that higher targets are not in the interests of the company.

The women’s quota for board members is getting closer

Zalando, on the other hand, simply claims that there were no candidates for two newly created board positions (before the expansion of the board, the online retailer had argued with the “lean board structure”). According to the Handelsblatt, TLG Immobilien even stresses that the target figure of “zero” by 2022 should “not be undercut”. We think Those who make it so easy for themselves or even ridicule the topic of diversity should not be surprised if they are regarded as “total refusers”. In addition, nonchalance provides a steep slope for all those who demand strict sanctions and a binding women’s quota for board members.