Manager salaries: Beiersdorf and the Heidenreich salary


Performance must be rewarded, no question. But especially when everyone is talking about team spirit, the lead of the first management team should not be too big. This is another reason why the Beiersdorf Supervisory Board around Reinhard Pöllath must now be asked: Was the salary of 23.4 million euros, which Stefan Heidenreich, who has since retired as CEO, collected according to Capital 2018, really in the interest of the company? By way of comparison, most other board members received manager salaries of around one million euros.

Capital: “Successes bought by refraining from investing in the future”

We ask ourselves: How should team spirit develop when the boss is so far ahead? After all, the message is: the boss has wagged, your contribution is marginal. Supervisory boards that nod off such manager salaries therefore stir up envy – not only in companies, but also on a social level: mega-salaries are water to the mills of populists who sense that the “elites” are enriching themselves. According to Capital, Heidenreich benefited from the fact that the Group invested less – its bonuses were linked to the profit margin. Let us hope that this false incentive does not take bitter revenge.