Family business: Werner Bahlsen and the ideas of his daughter

Werner Bahlsen

A successful transformation requires people who tick differently. And family entrepreneurs have an advantage in the search for impulse generators because they do not have to rely solely on recruiting: They often sit at the breakfast table anyway. That’s why family governance experts rightly recommend listening to what supposedly nosy offspring have to say. Just like biscuit entrepreneur Werner Bahlsen (69). Her father said “with every stupid idea I had, let’s talk about it,” Verena Bahlsen told us in the Capital interview. “He takes me seriously.”

“Even though we wrestle a lot”

The 25-year-old manages the Hermann’s Restaurant in Berlin, where she develops and tests new ideas for the food industry. All innovations currently come “from outside, from researchers, from restaurants, from bloggers,” says Bahlsen. She therefore wanted to build “bridges to industry”, build a platform with the restaurant and advise “traditional brands”. Werner Bahlsen, who in 2018 had handed over the helm to managers outside the family and changed to the Board of Directors, accompanied the project “with goodwill – even if we struggle a lot with each other”. We wish you much success – and hope that the wrestling will never become a wrangling.