Ariane Reinhart: The Conti Manager’s Social Program

Ariane Reinhart

Sometimes Ariane Reinhart sounds like a social politician: “With us nobody becomes homeless”, the Conti personnel manager is quoted in the current issue of WirtschaftsWoche. According to the report, the 49-year-old did not refer to any social benefits, but to the automotive supplier’s “Future Skill House” concept. This is a comprehensive training program that Ariane Reinhart uses to make employees fit for the future and “reach 95 percent of the workforce at all levels.

Good for the economy, good for society

An impressive figure – and a prime example of the convergence of social and economic interests. Companies need new skills for digital transformation that they can hardly find on the empty skilled labour market. Further training is therefore in their own best interest, but at the same time a kind of social programme. Because we are convinced that initiatives like Conti’s will help to prevent mass dismissals, as predicted by the prophets of doom à la Richard David Precht. That shows Good corporate governance is a pillar of the welfare state.