Oetker Advisory Board: Family dispute over new supervisory board member Braun

Anna Maria Braun

In December we reported on the entry of Anna Maria Braun (39) into the Oetker Advisory Board. What we didn’t suspect yet: The nomination of the designated CEO of the medical technology group B. Braun Melsungen, initiated by August Oetker (74), head of the advisory board, has triggered a fierce family dispute. According to a report in the Handelsblatt, Alfred Oetker (52), vice chairman of the advisory board, wanted to “stop the personnel at the last minute”. She lacks “demonstrable experience,” he argued. In addition, she was inadmissibly close to the five older Oetker siblings from the first and second marriage of Patriarch Rudolf-August Oetker.

Five votes for Braun wasn’t enough

Subsequently, according to the report, the advisory board voted for Braun with only 5:3 votes, thus missing the required three-quarter majority. August Oetker, who resigns as head of the advisory board at the end of the year, had, however, declared the dissenting votes “null and void” and appointed Anna Maria Braun “with immediate effect” to succeed Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr. But his half-brother Alfred Oetker does not want to accept this and has apparently filed a complaint. We’re afraid: If Braun fails, the Oetkers will find it difficult in future to recruit external experts for their advisory board. And stewing in your own juice is rarely a good idea.