Siegfried Russwurm: Where digitalisation is now a matter for the boss


After the personnel turbulences a few weeks ago, we had elected Siegfried Russwurm (55) as the “hopeful” member of the Voith Supervisory Board. It has now become known that the former Siemens board member will be promoted to head of the committee, replacing Hans-Peter Keitel (71), who is retiring due to age. The traditional Heidenheim family-owned company is thus doing what is often just a buzzword elsewhere – digitisation is a matter for the management, even on the supervisory board. Russwurm, honorary professor for mechatronics at the University of Erlangen, is undoubtedly one of Germany’s top managers with the most comprehensive tech and digital expertise.

Top manager monitors top manager

Incidentally, from our point of view it is a positive signal that an ambitious and comparatively young manager, who I understand was also in discussion for various CEO positions, is taking over the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board instead. This is also a consequence of the professionalisation of the supervisory board members, as a result of which the committee chairmen bear more responsibility – which makes the role more attractive for top managers. In such cases, however, the challenge is often to slow down one’s own creative urge and not to spark it into the operative business. We are therefore very excited to see how Russwurm harmonizes with the new CEO Toralf Haag.