Cyber security: Kempf & Mangold admonish unsuspecting supervisory board members


Cyber security has always been one of the core topics at the past German Supervisory Board meetings. In addition, the Vereinigung der Aufsichtsräte in Deutschland e. V. (Association of Supervisory Board Members in Germany) was a member of the Supervisory Board. (VARD), one of the co-organizers of the Global Cyber Forum in Geneva, and already collaborated two years ago on a practical guide for management boards and supervisory boards. However, despite all our efforts, we have to state that Word has not yet spread to all supervisory boards of how important the topic is – for their companies, but also for the committees themselves.

Why inspectors should give up their mobile phones

Dieter Kempf, head of BDI and multi-supervisory board member Dieter Kempf rightly warned Germany’s inspectors this week “to be regularly informed by the management board about the risks he sees, the measures taken and the alternatives for action”. TUI Supervisory Board Chairman Klaus Mangold also asked whether supervisory bodies did not also need a secure communication system. In the USA, he reported, board members often had to give up their cell phones before meetings. We think Mangold put his finger in the wound. Anyone who demands cyber security from management must set a good example.