Supervisory board chairmen: Who are the darlings of the media?


The happiest board chairmen in the republic are: Igor Landau (Adidas), Richard Pott (Covestro), Manfred Bischoff (Daimler), Dieter Schenk (Fresenius), Fritz-Jürgen Heckmann (Heidelberg Cement) and Wolfgang Büchele (Merck). Because the sextet received no media attention at all recently – at least when it comes to contributions in “leading media”. According to a recent analysis by PR Magazin, her name never appeared there in the first half of the year. And that is indeed a reason to be happy.

Chief inspectors are criticized – or ignored

The analysis also shows that the leading media generally mention Dax supervisory board chairmen in critical contexts. The work of the supervisory board members is “very frequently and strongly criticised”, writes the PR magazine. “They are blamed for mistakes in personnel, lack of strategy, lack of communication and too many offices.” To put it in a nutshell, this means that either the heads of the supervisory boards are criticised – or ignored. Media favorites don’t exist. But that shouldn’t tempt anyone to withdraw insulted into the snail shell or even to tune into the sweeping media bashing. The motto must be rather: Take up constructive criticism, counter blanket attacks offensively – for example with the help of a professional association.