Diversity: Is there still the “muff of the 60s” on supervisory boards?


The former McKinsey partner and Steinmeier consultant Markus Klimmer, who is now active as an investor, has harshly criticized Germany’s supervisory board members: He told the Manager Magazin that “the muff of the 60s” still often prevails in the committees. Personnel consultants would therefore “still be afraid” to suggest homosexual talents for top management positions. In this way, an ominous alliance of headhunters and supervisory boards makes homosexual careers more difficult.

Who brakes – the supervisory board members or the personnel consultants?

First of all: According to our perception, the muff of the 60s only rarely prevails. Many boards have gone through a rejuvenation phase; more and more young digital professionals or founders sit next to experienced managers (which became clear at the recent German Supervisory Board Conference). However, according to Manager Magazin, there is still “no confessing homosexual in Germany who has managed to become CEO of a large corporation”. That actually sounds a little “musty” to stay in the picture. But perhaps the brake pads are not the supervisory board members, but the personnel consultants who prefer to walk the beaten track? We are certain that for the vast majority of supervisory boards, sexual orientation plays the role it deserves when selecting board members. None at all.