BlackRock: Greedy locust or sustainable investor?

Friedrich Merz

The former VARD executive committee Friedrich Merz is hardly traded as new CDU boss, its present employer comes into the target of the criticism: The world largest asset manager BlackRock is a grasshopper and among other things for robberish Cum ex Deals and unsocial Vonovia rent increases jointly responsible, it echoes from the social media. We don’t want to venture into the party political arena and shed light on whether Merz would be a good choice for the CDU. But we would like to point out Anyone who sees BlackRock as a nasty outgrowth of capitalism or even as a “financial mafia” (Sahra Wagenknecht) is wrong.

Larry Fink: For climate protection, against bonus excesses

Larry Fink’s investment firm, whose German subsidiary Friedrich Merz serves as chairman and chairman of the supervisory board, has a long-term orientation – and urges supervisory boards, for example, to lower manager salaries and higher female quotas as well as greater climate transparency. In any case, BlackRock has little in common with the habitus of activist funds à la Elliott, one could also say: Fink and Merz tick more like Ingo Speich (Union Investment) than like Paul Singer (Elliott). However, BlackRock experts should not only talk to board members behind closed doors, but increasingly seek public corporate governance discourse. Because backroom diplomacy is a steep template for all those who sense fiddling around, abuse of power or even a conspiracy by the elites.