Paul Achleitner: No more castling – also on the Supervisory Board!

Paul Achleitner

A current study by the management consultancy Strategy& reveals worrying facts: Germany’s CEOs are staying on board for ever shorter periods of time. In 2017 alone, 24 of the 300 largest companies changed their CEO – more than in five years. The average”length of stay” has thus fallen to 5.1 years (international average: seven years). The main reason: Germany’s leaders often have to leave early – according to the study, 25 percent of the board changes last year were not planned (international average: 19 percent).

Deutsche Bank Supervisory Boards: Two years is not enough

Unfortunately, the trend towards rapid expulsion has continued so far this year, as the cases of Heinrich Hiesinger (ThyssenKrupp) and John Cryan (Deutsche Bank) have shown. At Deutsche Bank, there were already four (co-)CEOs in the good six-year tenure of Supervisory Board Chairman Paul Achleitner. Unfortunately, the high fluctuation is not limited to the Management Board: Achleitner is also a lively replacement on the Supervisory Board; the average term of office of the 20 controllers is currently two years. Seven new members have already joined this year, including investment banker John Thain and Norbert Winkeljohann, former head of PwC Germany. We mean: Deutsche Bank in particular urgently needs more continuity. At all levels.