Digital Supervisory Board: The time of mountains of files is over

Thomas Deutschmann

Yes, companies in German-speaking countries are lagging behind – at least as far as the digitalisation of supervisory and management boards is concerned. This is shown by a recent study by Brainloop, EY, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management and the Philipps-Universität Marburg, whose key findings were presented by Brainloop CEO Thomas Deutschmann a few weeks ago at the 13th German Supervisory Board Day. But there is a glimmer of hope: seven percent of companies in German-speaking countries are currently planning to use a board portal – in other words, software for secure, efficient collaboration and communication.

Supervisory Board vote: 77 percent rely on a show of hands

This means that the proportion of digital committees in Germany is likely to rise to more than three quarters. Our Supervisory and Executive Boards are therefore making progress, as the recent example of Lufthansa has already shown. “The times of analogue meeting folders and mountains of files are over,” states Deutschmann. However, in many places the digital possibilities are not yet exhausted. For example, only a quarter of supervisory boards use document-based communication in connection with meetings, and digital, audit-proof solutions are rarely used for voting. We mean: Those who preach digitization should not work analog – and therefore hope that the trend is picking up speed.