BASF boss Brudermüller: In the cave of the green lions

Martin Brudermüller

For a long time, chemical companies and the Greens did not seem to fit together. But recently we were surprised by the news that BASF CEO Martin Brudermüller is moving into the new Green Economic Advisory Board, which will be constituted in mid-October. BASF management is conducting an “open discussion with all groups that are interested in a dialogue and a joint shaping of the future,” according to the company. In addition to Brudermüller, Roche board member Hagen Pfundner is also involved.

Out of the ivory tower, into the dialogue

Pfundner told the Handelsblatt that he saw an opportunity “to convey a better understanding of the special features of the research-based healthcare industry”. At the same time it was “an opportunity to learn from the participants from business and politics”. We consider this aspect to be particularly important. This is because board members and supervisory board members who leave their ivory towers and seek dialogue with rather unusual interlocutors improve their personal diversity. And we are convinced that the new perspectives and insights will not only benefit you, but also your company, in the next step. In this respect, the Greens are already doing something for the chemical industry – who would have thought that in the 1980s?