Bäte, Ploss, Rorsted & the Nationalism: Reinforcement for Joe Kaeser

Kasper Rorsted

Thoughtful sounds by Kasper Rorsted: In an interview with DIE ZEIT, the Adidas boss replied to the question whether he supported Siemens boss Joe Kaeser when he warned of”emerging nationalism and racism in Germany”:”Before Chemnitz, I would have said: No. Maybe now I have to reconsider that” Other top managers have already done so and have taken a clear stance in recent days. Many people hate, envy and call for isolation,” said Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss. “That’s what we have to fight.” And his alliance colleague Oliver Bäte described Chemnitz in the mirror as”a beacon that can cause fear and damage Germany’s reputation”.

Good corporate management tames populists

We have stressed several times that we think it is right for managers to adopt an attitude: Those who have well-sounding ethical codes formulated should also stand up for these values – especially since open societies and free trade are in the very best interests of companies. However, warm words should be followed by decisive action, for example in the form of the integration initiative“We together”. But let’s not forget: The strongest lever that managers can use in the fight against right-wing and left-wing populists is – good corporate governance. Because anyone who explains the digital transformation in a comprehensible way makes it more difficult for yesterday’s people to stir up fears about the future. And those who negotiate moderate manager salaries invalidate the particularly popular accusation that the”elites” are transforming the market economy into a self-service shop.