Zuckerberg, Musk, Samwer: Dear founders, disempower yourself!

Oliver Samwer

In addition to Elon Musk’s strong slogans, the electric car manufacturer Tesla has recently had considerable delivery problems in the headlines. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, had to report to the politicians after the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. And Germany’s best-known founder Oliver Samwer finds it difficult to develop young growth companies into established companies. Three problems – one cause: Many founders miss the right moment to give up power, to distribute responsibility to several shoulders and thus to ensure an effective corrective.

Let us ask you unpleasant questions!

Because it is clear: Who has a good feeling for promising business models and can build up an operational infrastructure determinedly, is therefore still not a good boss – and often even a bad one, because with the guidance of established enterprises other qualities are in demand. For example, to ignite the next level, successful founders could install a supervisory board with independent members who select qualified board members and ask unpleasant questions about strategy and management style. But this, of course, requires a certain amount of humility that is sometimes lost in the early years of success.