Cyber security: How BSI boss Schönbohm supports the economy

Arne Schönbohm

The Alliance for Cyber Security, to which the Association of Supervisory Boards in Germany (VARD) is also committed, is growing strongly: almost 3,000 companies and institutions now belong to it. And according to the initiator, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), “more participants join in every day”. With this, BSI President Arne Schönbohm is consistently pursuing the strategy of making the once sleeve-heavy authority a close partner of the economy.

When supervisory boards should follow up

To this end, it seeks close dialogue with business (including with supervisory boards), initiates events such as the Cyber Security Days and has webinars developed for companies (for example the new online course “IT-Grundschutz”). The constantly increasing number of members shows that the offer is well received in the economy. However, of course there is still room for improvement. If your company is not yet represented, we believe that supervisory board members would be well advised to follow up with the management board. It could be an indication that cyber security is not yet high enough on the agenda.