Artificial Intelligence & Ethics: Which supervisory boards are important now?

Künstliche Intelligenz

According to“Der Spiegel”, diplomats will discuss autonomous weapon systems (“killer robots”) in Geneva next week. 26 countries are therefore calling for a ban, but in view of the opposition from the USA and Russia this is unlikely to happen. That’s why business and science are now all the more in demand, and fortunately thousands of researchers, AI experts, entrepreneurs and managers from all over the world have signed an open letter from the Future of Life Institute in recent weeks – including Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Apple icon Steve Wozniak.

Guardian of an ethical corporate culture

They all promise not to participate in the development of”lethal autonomous weapons”. We mean: German companies and their managers should also join the initiative – if necessary under pressure from their supervisory boards, which should ultimately be the guardians of an ethical corporate culture. And the challenge is not only for controllers of tech companies (who are already working intensively on the subject of artificial intelligence and ethics), but also for supervisory board members from the defence industry – such as Rheinmetall supervisory board chairman Ulrich Grillo or his counterpart at KraussMaffei, Chinese Xinping Bai.