HelloFresh & Zalando – who has the better supervisory board?

High female quotas, successful digital entrepreneurs, few conflicts of interest: the young Dax newcomers also differ from the top dogs at supervisory board level. Emulation is encouraged. Those looking for an interesting supervisory board will also find what they are looking for at Zalando: Chief controller Cristina Stenbeck has not only gathered four other women around her, which corresponds to a female quota of 55 percent. In addition, Niklas Östberg …

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Manager salaries: Which supervisory boards are now required?

Jürgen Heraeus is annoyed about high manager salaries in listed companies. The salaries are “often unacceptable”, the family entrepreneur recently told “ZEIT”. We look alike. From our point of view, especially large distances to the salaries of other executives are an anachronism – especially since modern bosses tirelessly preach team spirit. But will the salaries fall as hoped by the new shareholder rights law ARUG II, which the Bundestag is …

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Women’s quota: How Zalando & Co. provoke new laws

Yes, a target figure of “0 percent” for the women’s quota may make sense temporarily – for example, if a board consists of only two to three men who have different “mindsets”. However, in such cases companies have to take the trouble to explain their motives in a comprehensible way in the annual report. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. The Handelsblatt, for example, criticises the automotive supplier Norma, …

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