Tönnies: bitter feud over advisory councils, pigs and water corpses

As if Clemens Tönnies didn’t have enough trouble at the moment, the quarrel with his nephew Robert is again completely inflamed. This time it is about the Group Advisory Board, which was set up in the course of the “Peace of Westphalia” a good two years ago: As we feared at the time, the committee has become “the nucleus of new conflicts”. According to Manager Magazin, Robert Tönnies accuses the …

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Hans-Peter Keitel

Voith Shareholders’ Committee: Why was it, Hans-Peter Keitel?

After only seven months in office, Voith CEO Stephan Schaller surprisingly threw in the towel – “for personal reasons,” as a press release says. According to Handelsblatt, however, there were “obviously different views” between the former BMW motorcycle boss and the shareholders on “how to run a family business”. Be that as it may, the appointment of Schaller, who had previously been a member of the Shareholders’ Committee for almost …

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