Flache Hierarchie

Pötsch vs. Steinemann – the supervisory board as a brake on transformation?

The danger of blockades in the controlling bodies is growing. Why we need to rethink co-determination to prevent dangerous hangings. Good supervisory boards have been pushing vehemently for some time for flatter hierarchies and shorter decision-making paths. Because they have recognized: Only “agile” companies could react fast enough to rapid technological and social changes. It is therefore all the more annoying when the supervisory boards themselves become the brake on …

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Handelskonzern Metro

Jürgen Steinemann: Clear signal against collectivisation fantasies

“What had got into Jürgen Steinemann? What does he get out of it”, asked the Süddeutsche Zeitung provocatively – and harshly criticised the Metro supervisory board chairman: his behaviour contradicted “the spirit of co-determination”. Using the double voting right to push through the sale of the Real department store chain against the will of the employees raises fundamental corporate governance issues, the Süddeutsche Zeitung said. With all due respect: Jürgen …

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IG-Metall boss Hofmann: From co-determination to blockade?

Shortly after his re-election in October, the head of the IG Metall union made a demand that must not remain uncommented. “If one wants to create a balance between work and capital, co-determination must be strengthened,” said Jörg Hofmann in the Handelsblatt interview. However, the double voting right of the chairman of the supervisory board has so far prevented “real participation”. So should we put labour and capital on an …

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Cewe chairman of the board Korte: When Labour & Capital Merge

Good for business, good for society: Employee share ownership encourages entrepreneurial thinking just as much as a more even distribution of wealth. This seems particularly important to us at present, because digitisation dividends strengthen the capital factor and increase inequality. This development is water on the mills of populists; there is a threat of redistribution excesses that restrict entrepreneurial freedom. Unfortunately, however, only one third of listed companies offer employee …

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Co-determination: Lessons from the VW scandal

As if the measure hadn’t been full since Dieselgate, Volkswagen had to admit the next serious mistake: The group has illegally sold thousands of pre-series vehicles. This again raises the question of why a corporate culture with such a focus on turnover and profit maximisation was able to flourish at VW of all places, where the trade unions and the state have a great deal of influence. And since we …

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Jürgen Abromeit

Supervisory Board of the week: Jürgen Abromeit (Indus)

The shareholders of Mittelstandsholding Indus elected their representatives to the Supervisory Board at an extraordinary general meeting. According to a company announcement, they appointed Jürgen Abromeit, CEO for many years, and Isabella Pfaller, former Munich Re manager and member of the Board of Management of Versicherungskammer Bayern since this year, as new members of the Supervisory Board. The remaining four shareholder representatives were re-elected, including entrepreneur Dorothee Becker and the …

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David Bonderman

Ryanair Chairman David Bondermann: If you don’t keep up with the times..

… goes with the times. Ryanair Chairman David Bonderman should take this wisdom to heart. Because the 75-year-old billionaire increasingly gives the impression that he wants old times back. Last year, for example, he had to leave the board of the US mobility service provider Uber after a derogatory remark about women. In response to a plea by his board colleague Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post) for more women in management …

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US governance: turning away from the shareholder value principle?

While the reform of the Code in Germany is a long time coming, public debates on corporate governance in the USA are in full swing. President Donald Trump, for example, urges that the obligation for quarterly reports be abolished. At the same time, the influential democrat Elizabeth Warren has presented a bill that provides for nothing less than a departure from the shareholder value principle of Anglo-Saxon character – and …

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