Frank Lindenberg (Lucid Motors)

California-based electric car startup Lucid Motors has nominated former Mercedes CFO Frank Lindenberg to its “board of directors.” According to a report in Manager Magazine, shareholders of a SPAC called Churchill Capital IV are expected to elect the 57-year-old to the board on July 22. SPAC stands for special purpose acquisition company. These are publicly traded shell companies with no business operations that acquire a startup within two years of …

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What Christian Sewing and Kasper Rorsted must ask themselves – and how companies lure loyal small shareholders.

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, the AGM season has not yet really taken off – and yet we are already seeing some headlines that invite us to reflect. Deutsche Bank and Daimler – despite Corona – are reporting surprisingly high profits for 2020. And Deutsche Bank has another headline to its credit: The ECB is putting a damper on the bank’s bonus plans, the FAZ reported a few days ago. Other …

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Cromme, Helmes, Källenius: What are the supervisory boards of the stock market newcomers good for?

This year, a number of companies are rushing to go public. Shareholders would be well advised to take a close look at the controlling bodies. Because there is a lot wrong with them. The Manager Magazin stated a “brilliant stock market debut”, the FAZ rejoiced over a “price rocket”. And yes: the Auto1 IPO makes you want more and should encourage other companies. The pipeline of IPO candidates is well …

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Hasso Plattner vs. Manfred Bischoff: Our Supervisory Board of the Year 2020

Age does not protect you from performance: Why the head of the SAP supervisory board did many things right this year – and what his counterpart at Daimler missed out on. Admittedly, at first glance there is little to speak for Hasso Plattner as “Supervisory Board of the Year 2020”: First, co-chair Jennifer Morgan had to take her hat off after only six months. Then the Group revised its forecast …

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Norbert Reithofer

Norbert Reithofer & Dieter Zetsche: Too hot to cool down?

The move of CEOs to the top of the Supervisory Board is once again right at the top of the corporate governance agenda. There are two triggers for this. Firstly: the surprising withdrawal of BMW boss Harald Krüger, who according to critics was never able to step out of the shadow of his predecessor and chairman of the supervisory board Norbert Reithofer. Second: Daimler’s profit warning, as a result of …

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Dieter Zetsche: Higher manager salaries = better bosses?

Since the “BILD am Sonntag” reported on the lavish pension claims of outgoing Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche, manager salaries have once again come into the public spotlight. The Handelsblatt, for example, was right to point out that in times of millions in salaries, board members can provide for their old age themselves. On the other hand, in the competition for management talent, supervisory boards sometimes have to (may) pull out …

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Dieter Zetsche: Is the dream of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board bursting?

The route seemed to have been marked out: After his departure as CEO, Dieter Zetsche was to wait two years before taking over the chairmanship of the Daimler Supervisory Board in 2021 in a sufficiently cool state. Until recently, this was “completely clear”, a member of the supervisory board told Manager Magazin. But after the recall of hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles and in view of the investigations into …

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