Will supervisory boards have to call Greenpeace in future? Comments on the EU Governance Directive

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, important decisions by boards of directors and supervisory boards could be significantly delayed in the future. With the “Directive on Sustainable Corporate Governance”, the EU is planning new due diligence requirements for decision-makers and expanded legal action options for civil society groups. The Commission intends to present a first draft this month. At the heart of the rules is the obligation to take into account the …

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Veteran managers continue to dominate supervisory boards. Why this urgently needs to change.

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, we are witnessing the next showdown between investors and the company: Shareholder advisory firm ISS has recommended that Tesla shareholders remove two board members – Kimbal Musk (brother of company CEO Elon Musk), and James Murdoch (son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch). Murdoch’s actions in particular seem to be a thorn in the side of ISS experts. He sits on central board committees and is therefore …

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What the new generation of supervisory board members should be made of – and how we can pave the way for the right people to join these boards

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, how do you become a board member? What do you have to be able to do or be? And what does corporate governance have to do with it? These questions occupy hundreds of women and men every year – for the most varied of motives (often they do not know them themselves). However, there is also a not insignificant number of people for whom these questions …

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What remains of the work of a supervisory board?

Dear readers of the GermanBoardNews, we are now back for you! The summer holidays are over, the madness of everyday life has long since caught up with us again. As always, we will keep calm and look at current topics through corporate governance glasses. The current situation: We have not heard much from the so-called Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) or from the Association of Supervisory …

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Katja Kraus vs. Gianni Infantino: The Governance Battle in Professional Football

Whether clubs or associations: When it comes to corporate governance, professional football is lagging far behind, as the European Championship has once again revealed. It’s good that experts are now putting the pressure on In the wake of the European Championship, we have been discussing football more often than usual in recent weeks. And there have also been exciting topics beyond results, performances and tactical formations – for example with …

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Wulf Matthias

Food for thought and reading material for the GBN summer break

Dear GBN readers, before we say goodbye to the (summer) break before the next ‘wave’, another “Bravo, Jens Wilhelm & Co.”! Who is he? Jens Wilhelm, member of the Board of Managing Directors of Union Investment, but also: member of the DCGK Commission (of which nothing has been heard for a long time) and member of the Board of Managing Directors and the Presidium of the Deutsches Aktieninstitut (also the …

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Why the raid on the ex-Wirecard supervisory board chairman is a reminder for the federal government & stock exchange

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, a house search at a former head of the supervisory board – that doesn’t happen every day. Last week, Wulf Matthias, the long-time chief controller of the scandal company Wirecard, was caught. And what Der Spiegel has to report about it sounds frightening indeed: according to the report, emails suggest that CEO Markus Braun, board member Jan Marsalek and Matthias jointly approved a dubious 100-million loan. …

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Stefan Asenkerschbaumer (Bosch)

Volkmar Denner is breaking with tradition: The chairman of the Bosch Group’s board of management will not be heading the supervisory board when he hands over to his successor Stefan Hartung at the end of the year. Instead, chief financial officer Stefan Asenkerschbaumer will replace the current chairman of the supervisory board, Franz Fehrenbach (71), the company announced. The 65-year-old Stefan Asenkerschbaumer started as a trainee at Bosch in 1987, …

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Christine Lagarde vs. Christian Sewing: Women in the top echelons of banking!

The ECB is urging banks to increase diversity on their management and supervisory boards. Is this an expression of the bank supervisors’ excessive desire to exercise power and influence? Dear conspiracy mystics and prophets of doom, you can get out right now. No blanket ECB bashing here. No whining that President Christine Lagarde is purposefully expropriating savers. And certainly no whispering that central banks are tools of “elites” with a …

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ECB, BaFin and the Achleitner case: Who defines “good governance” at Deutsche Bank?

Dear GermanBoardNews readers, the sun has rediscovered Germany, Corona incidence values are falling and falling, the DAX is rising and rising – and Deutsche Bank continues to make corporate governance headlines. We read, for example, that the ECB has become involved in Paul Achleitner’s succession planning. Is it allowed to do that? As we have learned from the scandals surrounding Wirecard & Co, Bafin is responsible for supervising the German …

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Support critical analysis on corporate governance and the role of boards!

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, researching, discussing, forming opinions: There is more work behind our analyses beyond the writing than I imagined when we launched GermanBoardNews six years ago. In the course of 232 issues, a lot has changed: We have discarded sections and introduced new ones, put the website www.germanboardnews.de in the spotlight and involved the corporate governance community more. Through it all, one thing has never changed: We are …

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Shareholder = Owner? Why this equation is dangerously wrong.

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, in response to my proposal to make supervisory boards more responsible and at the same time strengthen their position vis-à-vis shareholders, I often hear the following: Whoever holds shares is an owner. And whoever is an owner must necessarily have corresponding rights. More independence for supervisory boards is therefore against the system. Does that sound logical? No. Anyone who argues in such a formal legalistic way …

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