Wirecard is a wake-up call! We need a corporate governance master plan.

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, while the German government is acquiring shares in Lufthansa and ‘delegates’ its representatives to the Supervisory Board, the other prominent shareholder, Commerzbank, has the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, because they obviously cannot/do not want to withstand pressure from an investor (see our top vs. flop today). I would like to first of all dedicate myself again …

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Deutsche Börse

The Wirecard case proves: Corporate governance regulations in Germany have reached their limits. It is time for a change of course!

Dear readers of the GermanBoardNews, what is going on in Corporate Germany? We dealt with Lufthansa on several occasions, and then Wirecard suddenly surprised us. Really? Yes. I too was inclined to see the company with rose-colored glasses. After all, Wirecard has brought reputable supervisory board members on board in the last two years (and, by the way, has a quota of women that exceeds everything else). Further Supervisory Board …

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Aareal Bank

In the future, too, “good corporate governance” will be needed to stay on course. However, the way leadership is to be understood is changing, because the general conditions are changing at an incredible speed.

We spoke with Ms. Korsch and Mr. Merkens about #FutureGoodGovernance.                 Marija Korsch Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Aareal Bank           Mr. J. Merkens Chairman of the Management Board of Aareal Bank   A ship needs a captain. There is much talk about new management concepts, about participation and freedom. How much leadership will a company still need …

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Top vs. flop: Heinz-Hermann Thiele – lateral thinker or lateral driver?

The exchange of blows between Lufthansa’s major shareholder Thiele, management, and the German government shows We need more entrepreneurial spirit in the corporations.   Heinz-Hermann Thiele is a wanderer between two worlds: On the one hand, the owner of Knorr-Bremse is a genuine medium-sized entrepreneur with a patriarchal habitus. On the other hand, the 79-year-old skilfully moves in the habitat of top managers, investment bankers and M&A lawyers, as he …

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Deutsche Börse

Corporate Governance: How Theodor Weimer can make the stock exchange a better place

Dear reader of GermanBoardNews, theodor Weimer is currently one of the most sought-after decision-makers. His appointment to the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank has met with a positive response far beyond the financial sector. Dissenting voices were raised only because there were fears in Deutsche Börse’s environment that he could replace Paul Achleitner as Chairman of the Supervisory Board as early as 2022 – and therefore leave as CEO. That …

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Top vs. flop: Saori Dubourg, Donald Trump and the stock market

In the corona crisis, the stock markets have moved far away from reality – especially in the USA. This underlines the fact that prices and indices are poor indicators for assessing economies and companies. Can we change this?   If the future is traded on the stock exchange, the Corona pandemic will soon be over. During the week, the major indices almost returned to pre-crisis levels – even in the …

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The state is not a good entrepreneur. The rescue fund WSF should therefore dispense with detailed specifications – and instead define central governance principles.

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, the debate on the entry of the state rescue fund WSF into Lufthansa is in full swing. The result will have a signal effect: It is about nothing less than the question of whether we are heading for a state economy. Will politicians and ministry officials decide in future on the course of the companies that the taxpayer is rescuing? This would be devastating for the …

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Der Corona-Rettungsfonds WSF bedroht die unternehmerische Freiheit.

The Corona Rescue Fund WSF threatens entrepreneurial freedom. Governance issues will decide the future of the business location.

Dear readers of the GermanBoardNews, after a short Corona break we will get back to you while the Corona madness goes into the next round. Medicine, economy, society – three crises in one, and one more complex than the other. For me it is clear: we must not think regionally or nationally now. Instead, we must try to understand the global dimension, at least to some extent. But we were …

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The corona crisis relentlessly exposes governance weaknesses – and has the potential to be a catalyst for reform. But for now, the important thing is to stay healthy!

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, the corona crisis has also hit us hard: With a heavy heart, we have decided to cancel the German Supervisory Board Meeting in early May or postpone it to a later date. I’m sure you understand and support this – health is an absolute priority at the moment, and every individual is called upon to make his or her contribution and show solidarity with the elderly …

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Krisen erschüttern die Wirtschaft

Corona, Turkey, Syria: Crises shake up the economy, trust becomes a temporary knighthood. What does this mean for management and supervisory boards?

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, the “coronavirus” is turning the world upside down. Worries, fears, panic are spreading. None of this would have been imaginable a few months ago. As if digitalization, electrification and the climate crisis weren’t enough challenges to overcome – not to mention the events in Syria, on the Turkish-Greek border, in Thuringia and in Hanau, which leave us as speechless as they do ashamed. Unfortunately, not much …

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Supervisory boards are in the focus of media and public attention before the AGM season. Is this (once again) an attention bubble – or a harbinger of fundamental change?

HELAU, dear readers of GermanBoardNews, the business media are devoting increasing attention to the topic of “Corporate Governance”. Three weeks ago, for example, SPIEGEL wrote under the heading “Loss of control” about “the supervisory boards of DAX corporations”. In the spotlight were (once again) the gentlemen Achleitner, Wenning, Kaeser, Hagemann Snabe and Zetsche. In its current issue, the Manager Magazine highlights two governance topics at once: Dietmar Palan writes in …

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