Snabe vs. Kaeser: The end of multi-supervisory boards?

Overboarding: Busy controllers are increasingly being targeted by shareholders. Some recognize the signs of the times, others continue to collect items as if their working day had 24 hours Jim Hagemann Snabe is resigning from two posts at once: the former SAP CEO is leaving the supervisory boards of Allianz and Maersk, as was announced at the beginning of the month. This will give the 56-year-old more time to concentrate …

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Schöffel, Kärcher & Co – the Corona stars of the German economy

It is in the crisis that character shows itself, they say. Those who have proven their worth in the pandemic so far – and those who have not. As the end of the year approaches, it is time for a balance sheet. We therefore asked ourselves: Which owners and managers have proven in 2020 that “responsible corporate governance” is more than just an empty phrase for them? During our research …

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Elmar Degenhart

Manuel Theisen vs. Elmar Degenhart: A Call for Moderation

The much-discussed”brand letter” to more than 400 executives of automotive supplier Conti was followed by a”fire interview” on Friday: Corporate governance expert Manuel Theisen described the letter as an admission by the Executive Board that it”failed in management” – and de facto demanded the resignation of CEO Elmar Degenhart:”Basically,” according to Professor Theisen, one sentence was missing from the fire letter:”And for this reason I resign immediately” To put it …

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