Schöffel, Kärcher & Co – the Corona stars of the German economy

It is in the crisis that character shows itself, they say. Those who have proven their worth in the pandemic so far – and those who have not. As the end of the year approaches, it is time for a balance sheet. We therefore asked ourselves: Which owners and managers have proven in 2020 that “responsible corporate governance” is more than just an empty phrase for them? During our research …

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Elmar Degenhart

Manuel Theisen vs. Elmar Degenhart: A Call for Moderation

The much-discussed”brand letter” to more than 400 executives of automotive supplier Conti was followed by a”fire interview” on Friday: Corporate governance expert Manuel Theisen described the letter as an admission by the Executive Board that it”failed in management” – and de facto demanded the resignation of CEO Elmar Degenhart:”Basically,” according to Professor Theisen, one sentence was missing from the fire letter:”And for this reason I resign immediately” To put it …

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