New to the Supervisory Board: Uwe Hück (Bownce AG)

New task for the former Porsche works council chairman: Uwe Hück takes over as chairman of the supervisory board at the Constance-based fitness startup Bownce AG. The company has developed the “Bownce Ball”, which uses sensors to track exercises and health data. The information is then transmitted to an app and evaluated. Other digitized sports equipment such as dumbbells or skipping ropes are to follow. As European Thai boxing champion …

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Aareal, Bayer, Commerzbank – the ABC of pressing governance issues

Dear readers of GermanBoardNews, “Beep, beep, beep, we all love each other”: Nationwide falling incidence and rising vaccination figures, the Eurovision Song Contest and the Whitsun Festival with open holiday resorts and outdoor gastronomy. Who wants to burden themselves with negative or critical thoughts? It’s all for naught anyway, isn’t it? Maybe, but it’s exciting, what’s being offered on the stage of this year’s HV season. And it raises pressing …

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Kramarsch vs. Singer & Co. – On the way to becoming an “Honest Investor”?

The danger of unholy alliances at the expense of companies is growing. We therefore need new guidelines for professional investors – and stronger supervisory boards. As you know, we are sceptical about the growing influence of investors on corporate governance. Not all readers are happy about this. We were recently told that we were “lumping all investors together”. So let’s be clear: We are aware that there are a number …

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