Greenpeace, Amnesty & Co.: Who actually monitors the good guys?

Civil society organizations (NGOs) have a significant influence on political decision-making processes. High time to talk about their governance structures. Shortly after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, a Greenpeace expert criticized the German government for not “stuffing even more money down the throat of the arms industry. In view of the impending hunger crisis, it must increase the development budget, demanded “Bread for the World” a little later. …

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Supervisory board of the week: Tom Enders (Lilium)

Prominent reinforcement for the flight taxi developer Lilium from near Munich: Long-time Airbus boss Tom Enders (62) is moving onto the startup’s board of directors, as he himself announced on the Lilium blog this week. The young company stands for pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial courage, Enders wrote. He therefore did not have to think long when he was asked. On the board, the passionate helicopter pilot will meet tech investor …

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Paul Singer

Paul Singer: Attention, this man wants to split your supervisory board!

Paul Singer’s Elliott hedge fund is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive activists in Germany. Those responsible at ThyssenKrupp, SAP and Bayer can sing a song about this. “Spreading fear, cashing in, moving on,” is how former Siemens boss Klaus Kleinfeld describes the strategy in the current issue of Capital. The problem from the point of view of supervisory boards: The Singer squad knows how to put their finger in …

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René Obermann

Supervisory Board of the Week: René Obermann (Airbus)

Former Telekom CEO René Obermann is to become Chairman of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus as early as 2019. According to a report in the Handelsblatt, the German government wants to prevent French dominance in this way when Guillaume Faury replaces Tom Enders as CEO in April. However, Dennis Ranque, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors, will remain in office until 2020, and no decision has yet been made …

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US governance: turning away from the shareholder value principle?

While the reform of the Code in Germany is a long time coming, public debates on corporate governance in the USA are in full swing. President Donald Trump, for example, urges that the obligation for quarterly reports be abolished. At the same time, the influential democrat Elizabeth Warren has presented a bill that provides for nothing less than a departure from the shareholder value principle of Anglo-Saxon character – and …

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