HelloFresh & Zalando – who has the better supervisory board?

High female quotas, successful digital entrepreneurs, few conflicts of interest: the young Dax newcomers also differ from the top dogs at supervisory board level. Emulation is encouraged. Those looking for an interesting supervisory board will also find what they are looking for at Zalando: Chief controller Cristina Stenbeck has not only gathered four other women around her, which corresponds to a female quota of 55 percent. In addition, Niklas Östberg …

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Junker, Pöllath, Reitzle: Why the time is ripe

Too old? No, but too long at the helm. Which supervisory board heads should let go. Sometimes different reports have more in common than they seem at first glance. For example, the departure of Beiersdorf CEO Stefan De Loecker and the high loss of the automotive supplier Mahle, both announced this week. For those who read on after the respective core information came across an astonishing parallel: the role of …

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Stock exchange & quarterly reports: Oliver Bäte on Wiedeking’s tracks

We could write a lot of critical things about Wendelin Wiedeking, but he was right on one thing: The long-standing Porsche boss has persistently resisted the idea that companies on the stock exchange must publish quarterly reports. “We don’t even want to get into the short-winded view, which is based on quarterly targets,” Wiedeking once told Der Spiegel. Almost 20 years later, Allianz CEO Oliver Bäte is following in Wiedeking’s …

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Die Ghosn-Affäre wirft immer wieder neue Fragen auf

Die Verhaftung von Renault Chef Carlos Ghosn bringt nun auch Nissan in Bedrängnis. Der japanische Teil der Gruppe wird von Ermittlungen der Staatsanwaltschaft bedroht. Auch neue Verschwörungstheorien machen die Runde. Die Verhaftung von Renault Nissan-Chef Carlos Ghosn besetzt nun auch die Politik Frankreichs und Japans auf höchster Ebene. Der japanische Wirtschaftsminister Hiroshige Seko wird am Donnerstag in Paris mit seinem französischen Amtskollegen Bruno Le Maire über die französisch-japanische Auto-Allianz und …

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