Luisa Delgado (Swarovski)

The Austrian crystal group Swarovski has “reconstituted” its board of directors and appointed several independent experts. According to a report in Manager Magazin, former SAP personnel manager Luisa Delgado has joined the board. The Swiss-born Delgado already sits on a number of boards and supervisory boards, for example at IKEA and the Finnish energy supplier Fortum. Other newcomers to the Swarovski board of directors include ex-Cartier manager Annalisa Loustau, ex-Jacobs boss Markus Fiechter and Robert Singer (former Gucci CFO).

Markus Langes-Swarovski: soft spot for family strangers

Thus, external controllers dominate, because the family sends only three members: the largest shareholder Markus Langes-Swarovski as well as Robert Buchbauer and Mathias Margreiter, who both managed the operative business for a long time. The family-owned company had already announced in the summer that it would increasingly rely on non-family members in the future – both in the management and on the board of directors. Buchbauer and Margreiter had already handed over their CEO and CFO chairs to interim managers at the end of September. The new board of directors must now find permanent solutions.