New to the Supervisory Board: Uwe Hück (Bownce AG)

New task for the former Porsche works council chairman: Uwe Hück takes over as chairman of the supervisory board at the Constance-based fitness startup Bownce AG. The company has developed the “Bownce Ball”, which uses sensors to track exercises and health data. The information is then transmitted to an app and evaluated. Other digitized sports equipment such as dumbbells or skipping ropes are to follow. As European Thai boxing champion and longstanding member of the Porsche Supervisory Board, Uwe Hück brings two things to the table: sporting experience and corporate governance expertise.

Representing instead of monitoring?

“Uwe is a doer and strategist who is courageous and says what he thinks. Above all, he is a fighter – who can assert himself not only in sport but also in corporate politics,” says Bownce founder Vitalij Zittel. However, further wording in the press release suggests that overseeing the board is not to be the main focus: “Uwe Hück will primarily take on tasks in communications and representation for Bownce,” it says. Other members of the supervisory board are real estate manager Peter Lange, sports sponsorship expert Oliver Kaiser, Polygon CEO Alex Granitz and David Knower, Germany head of private equity house Cerberus.