Supervisory Board of the Week: Peer Schatz (Siemens Healthineers)


At the Annual General Meeting on Friday, Healthineers shareholders are expected to elect long-time Qiagen CEO Peer Schatz to the Supervisory Board. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the appointment: in a counter-motion, one shareholder is calling for the 55-year-old to be rejected. Instead, the company should fill the position with someone who has yet to be selected. Siemens Healthineers “urgently needs more diversity”. Currently, Marion Helmes and Natalie von Siemens are two women on the nine-member supervisory board, to which the 30 percent women’s quota does not apply.

The group of independents is growing

With the addition of Peer Schatz, the board is set to grow to ten members, which would mean that half of the supervisory board members would be non-Siemensians. In addition to multi-supervisory board member Helmes, the independents currently include former vice-chancellor Philipp Rösler (FDP), ex-Software AG boss Karl-Heinz Streibich and US manager Gregory Sorensen. Siemens CFO Ralf Thomas serves as chairman of the supervisory board. Peer Schatz was one of the founding members of the Corporate Governance Commission, which he left in 2011. He currently serves, among other things, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the genetic diagnostics company Centogene.