Supervisory board of the week: Christian Klein (Adidas)

Christian Klein (Adidas)

After 16 years, eleven of which as head of the supervisory board, Igor Landau takes his hat off: At the Adidas annual general meeting on 14 May, the 75-year-old Frenchman will not stand for election. Thomas Rabe (54) will succeed him as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, as the company announced a few days ago after a Supervisory Board meeting. The Bertelsmann boss has controlled the sporting goods giant since last year and currently acts as Landau’s deputy. The vacant seat on the 16-member Supervisory Board will be filled by the new SAP Co-CEO, Christian Klein.

Thomas Rabe: “great commitment”, “important source of inspiration

The 39-year-old complements the committee “with his proven expertise in the areas of digital innovation and transformation,” said Landau. In addition, the outgoing chief supervisor was convinced “that Thomas Rabe will fill the chairmanship of the supervisory board excellently”. Last year, he had contributed “with great commitment” and had been an “important source of inspiration”. In addition to Landau and Rabe, the current Supervisory Board includes, among others, the French manager Ian Gallienne (Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, Brussels), Bodo Uebber, a long-standing Daimler board member, Kathrin Menges, a former Henkel board member, and the US banker Jing Ulrich.