Supervisory Board Member of the Week: Friederike Helfer (ThyssenKrupp)

Friederike Helfer

A big change of seats on the Supervisory Board of ThyssenKrupp: At the Annual General Meeting at the end of next week, three members of the Supervisory Board will be leaving the board: Professor Bernhard Pellens, head of HSCB Germany Carola von Schmettow and former Cevian partner Jens Tischendorf. The former Ford manager Birgit Behrendt (60), Innogy finance director Bernhard Günther (52) and Friederike Helfer (43) from the major shareholder Cevian are to succeed her. Special attention should be paid to the Austrian Helfer, who worked for McKinsey until 2008 and then moved to Cevian. This is because the Swedes, who hold almost 20 percent, will continue to be represented on the supervisory board.

“Analytical, experienced portfolio manager”

This also applies to the second major shareholder, the Krupp Foundation: Its representatives Ursula Gather and Lothar Steinebach are elected until 2023. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Siegfried Russwurm is convinced that the three new additions are an “excellent” choice. Friederike Helfer has “made a name for herself as an analytical, experienced portfolio manager of industrial companies”. Russwurm and four other Supervisory Board members are up for re-election at the Annual General Meeting, including Martina Merz. The former Bosch manager, who currently serves as chairman of the board of management, will nevertheless be leaving her mandate until the end of September. Until then, she will be represented by the management consultant Ingo Luge, who will act as a “substitute member” of the Supervisory Board upon her return.