Supervisory Board of the Week: Martin Jetter (Deutsche Börse)

Martin Jetter

The successor to Joachim Faber (69) has been appointed: The Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse has nominated Martin Jetter as its new Chairman. The 60-year-old is therefore likely to move up to the position of chief executive after the Annual General Meeting in May. The head of IBM Europe, who has spent almost his entire career with the US technology group, has been a member of the 16-member control committee for one and a half years and is considered Fabers’ ideal candidate. Martin Jetter is “an internationally experienced personality with a deep understanding of technology and market infrastructure,” praised the Chairman of the Supervisory Board according to a press release.

How Joachim Faber Calmed Critics

In 2018, the German-Swiss banker Barbara Lambert joined the Supervisory Board with Jetter after investors had criticized the high average age of the board. In recent years, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Joachim Faber, has also come under repeated criticism, for example because of his long adherence to Carsten Kengeter as Chairman of the Executive Board. Afterwards, however, the long-standing Allianz Board of Management appeased some critics by appointing Theodor Weimer, a respected Chairman of the Board of Management, and making the Supervisory Board younger and more feminine. This year, for example, he invited management consultant Clara-Christina Streit to join the committee.