Supervisory Board of the week: Jörg Wildgruber (ING)

Jörg Wildgruber

Jörg Wildgruber (54), Haspa’s long-standing board member, has moved into the supervisory board of ING Deutschland. There he replaces the former ING-Diba and Quelle-Bank board member Hermann Zeilinger (65), who resigned at the end of last week after more than ten years. Chief Executive Officer Nick Jue welcomed the personnel according to ING press release: Jörg Wildgruber will “contribute many important and valuable perspectives through his function in various supervisory boards, also beyond the financial sector”.

Posted back to Sabbatical

According to his LinkedIn profile, Wildgruber was a member of several supervisory bodies until 2017, including LBS Bausparkasse Schleswig-Holstein-Hamburg, Neue Leben Lebensversicherung and HLS Hamburger Logistik Service GmbH. Starting in August 2017, he spent a good one-year sabbatical – and now resigns with the mandate at ING Deutschland. On the supervisory board, he will meet design researcher Gesche Joost, who joined the board about a year ago and acted as the federal government’s Internet ambassador until June 2018.