Supervisory Board of the week: Jürgen Abromeit (Indus)

Jürgen Abromeit

The shareholders of Mittelstandsholding Indus elected their representatives to the Supervisory Board at an extraordinary general meeting. According to a company announcement, they appointed Jürgen Abromeit, CEO for many years, and Isabella Pfaller, former Munich Re manager and member of the Board of Management of Versicherungskammer Bayern since this year, as new members of the Supervisory Board. The remaining four shareholder representatives were re-elected, including entrepreneur Dorothee Becker and the head of Investitionsbank Berlin, Jürgen Allerkamp.

Co-determination: employees elect new representatives

Following the Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board elected Jürgen Abromeit, who had only resigned from his position as CEO of Indus at the end of June, as its new Chairman. The shareholders’ meeting had become necessary after the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court had obliged Indus Holding to fill half of the Supervisory Board with employee representatives. As the employees of the portfolio companies are to be attributed to the holding company, Indus exceeds the threshold of 10,000 employees, according to the judges. The new employee representatives on the Supervisory Board will now be elected in the plants until the end of January, by which time the six members appointed by the court will continue.