Supervisory Board of the Week: Jürgen Fitschen (Ceconomy)


Anyone who thought that Jürgen Fitschen could take it easy at the Deutsche Bank after his retirement will be disabused. In particular, his mandate as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the retail group Ceconomy (Media Markt, Saturn) currently demands his full commitment: In an extraordinary meeting last Saturday night, the 20-member board decided that CEO Pieter Haas and CFO Mark Frese must take their hats. Fitschen and his colleagues must therefore now find qualified successors as quickly as possible.

Particularly challenged: Regine Stachelhaus

Christoph Vilanek, CEO of major shareholder Freenet and not a member of the Supervisory Board himself, is confident: He has “full confidence” in the Board. And indeed, the Supervisory Board seems to be well positioned – the majority of the capital representatives are independent, their competence profile is broad and a women’s quota of 45 percent as well as seven members born after 1970 speak for a good mix (see the current “Corporate Governance Roadshow Presentation”). Among the qualified members are Deutsche Bank manager Karin Dohm, ex-Lanxess board member Bernhard Düttmann, Lego vice-president Julia Goldin and former Eon labour director Regine Stachelhaus, who, together with Fitschen and employee representatives Jürgen Schulz and Jens Plog, forms the executive committee – and is therefore now particularly challenged.