Supervisory Board of the week: Ernst F. Schröder (Gerry Weber)

Ernst F. Schröder

After the founder Gerhard “Gerry” Weber (77), does Ernst F. Schröder (70), chairman of the board, also leave the supervisory board of the Westphalian fashion company? According to Manager Magazin, the long-time Oetker CFO, whose mandate runs until 2020, would like to quit: “Insiders” assumed that Schröder “would resign for the next meeting in December”. However, colleagues on the Supervisory Board wanted to persuade him to continue at least until the Annual General Meeting in April.

Founder’s sons do not push for supervisory board leadership

According to the report, it is clear that Ralf Weber will not succeed him as chairman of the committee. After his resignation as CEO, the founder’s son did not join the supervisory board until this Wednesday, where he replaces his father. With the second new supervisory board member Alexander Hardieck (36), son of the co-founder Udo Hardieck, who died in July, it was agreed that none of the sons would become chairman of the supervisory board. The other members of the twelve-member committee include Swiss fashion entrepreneur Alfred Thomas Bayard and Ute Gerbaulet, general partner of Bankhaus Lampe and supervisor at RWE and NRW.Bank.