Succession planning: Coffee king Albert Darboven must tremble

Arthur Darboven wants to prevent his father Albert from placing the fate of the company in the hands of Andreas Jacobs. It threatens “a break with the values of the company and the family, which my cousins and I cannot and will not accept,” he said now in an interview with the magazine Capital. The Jacobs family “parted company with the coffee business many years ago”, and Andreas Jacobs is now working as an investor. The Darbovens, on the other hand, have “coffee in their blood”. In addition, there was”no need to bring a non-family member on board”, as he himself had worked successfully in the company for 15 years.

Adopt instead of adapt? The pitfalls of the Family Charter

Therefore, Arthur Darboven continued, he had filed an objection against the adoption of Andreas Jakobs by his father: It was”an adoption for purely economic reasons”. The Darboven company statutes stipulate that the company may only be run by one family member; Patriarch Albert Darboven was also once adopted. At that time, however, the situation was completely different, argues Arthur Darboven: both his grandfather and his brother were childless.