OHB family business: Wyser-Pratte will not let up

Guy Wyser-Pratte

The activist investor Guy Wyser-Pratte has again criticized the management structures at Bremen-based satellite manufacturer OHB. The company, which is dominated by the Fuchs family, has”no corporate governance” and”no committees on the Supervisory Board,” said the 78-year-old in a recent interview. Who thought that the activist lets loose, sees himself thereby of a better one instructed. Wyser-Pratte joined the company as a shareholder in 2017 and subsequently attacked the company several times for poor governance structures.

New Supervisory Board does not appease Wyser-Pratte

He criticized the advanced age of the then Supervisory Board Chairman Christa Fuchs (80), the mother of CEO Marco Fuchs. Wyser-Pratte also found the other two members of the Supervisory Board to be”subservient” to her. OHB rejected the criticism, but shortly afterwards appointed a new member to the Supervisory Board: Christa Fuchs resigned as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and shortly afterwards former Employer President Ingo Kramer was elected to the four-member Supervisory Board. After Waser-Prattes latest statements, it is now clear that this was not enough to appease him.