Investors: Why Hans-Christoph Hirt is becoming more influential

Hans-Christoph hirt

The British shareholder advisor Hermes EOS has won a lucrative mandate: The large Australian pension fund First State Super has commissioned the British as a “commitment” service provider. Hermes EOS will thus support the fund company in exercising its ownership rights and coordinating them, for example, with annual general meetings. The mandate initially relates to share assets equivalent to around ten billion euros, further increasing the capital volume represented by the German Hermes EOS CEO Hans-Christoph Hirt and his team.

Almost 400 billion euros behind us

The sum had already risen sharply recently: On 31 March, Hermes EOS reported EUR 377 billion, compared with EUR 310 billion at the beginning of 2017. With this increase, the voice of Hans-Christoph Hirt – for many years one of the most prominent speakers at German Annual General Meetings and also at the German Supervisory Board Day (DART) – also gains more weight in financial terms. Last year, Hermes EOS exercised shareholders’ rights in almost 700 companies around the world.