Let’s go into the 20s – with a new generation and new ideas for #FutureGoodGovernance


Dear readers of the GermanBoardNews,

Happy 2020! We are starting the new year(tenth) with great momentum and will continue to research and comment on current developments and challenges in the world of corporate governance for you.

In particular, we will keep an eye on the Association of Supervisory Boards in Germany (VARD) and its initiative #FutureGoodGovernance. And there it starts right away: Much earlier than usual (the European Football Championship sends its regards), the 16th German Supervisory Board Day (#DART16) will take place on 4-5 May 2020 at the Industrie-Club Düsseldorf. The subtitle this time is: “The new generation goes to the start”.

The programme will follow at the end of February. But even now, readers of GermanBoardNews can register at special rates (€595 instead of €795) using the promotion code DART16GBN. You can find out more about this limited special offer here.

What can we expect from Corporate Governance 2020? One thing is certain: more questions than answers.

The world of corporate management is becoming increasingly complex. Whereas in the past a few dominant topics such as globalization and financial crisis were the focus of attention, today with cyber-resilience, digitalization, environmental protection, climate crisis, economic wars, sustainability, stakeholder economy (to name but a few) at least a dozen drivers come into play when it comes to the question of the right business model. How do these drivers affect corporate governance? How much longer will companies be driven by the capital markets and short-term thinking investors? When is the next swing? We need to discuss much more with each other and ask disruptive questions in order to get a more accurate picture of the opportunities that the future holds for us.

Meanwhile, I take my hat off to our managers (and the board members they have hired) who are keeping their corporate ships on course in these turbulent times – and yet take the time to discuss #FutureGoodGovernance.

With this in mind, I wish us all a good start into the new year(tenth).

Good luck!
H. Dehnen (Editor)


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