What disappointed me in 2019 – and what gives hope for 2020


Dear readers of GermanBoardNews,

the pre-Christmas stress is an unmistakable sign that the year is coming to an end. And “between the years” there is often time to review the past twelve months. What went well? What goals have we achieved? What disappointments and highlights have we experienced?

From the perspective of an arguer for better, future-oriented corporate governance, I must say that the major breakthrough has not been achieved this year either. In view of questionable developments such as those at ThyssenKrupp and a disappointing reform of the Code, it is necessary to make a statement: The road to #FutureGoodGovernance is still long.

On the other hand, there was also a lot of good news: Supervisory Board members have engaged competent women, promoted employee participation and defended themselves against shareholder value excesses (you can find an overview in our “Topssection). The German Supervisory Board Conference (DART15) also marked a promising start for the VARD initiative #FutureGoodGovernance.

Constructive criticism, clever concepts

That’s why I’m going into the new year with a lot of momentum and optimism. We will continue to put our finger on the wound in GermanBoardNews, but always remain constructive – and in parallel develop ideas and concepts for the new era together with VARD members and other supervisory boards.

Before that we take a short break and get back to you on January 10th with the next issue. Until then, I wish you a wonderful Advent season, relaxing holidays and a good start into the new decade. Stay weighed on us.


Your Peter H. Dehnen and the GBN-Team


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