Supervisory boards have become much more professional in recent years. What they need now to become (even) better.


The AGM season has begun and discussions about supervisory boards are intensifying again: Shareholders question the competence of candidates, insist on more independence and criticize high bonuses. So there won’t be any misunderstandings: I think the debates are right and important, and we supervisory boards should face them.

What is sometimes forgotten in the face of loud criticism, however, is that a large proportion of the supervisory board members are well positioned and do a decent to very good job. The times in which Chairwoman Buddies from her network got involved are over; in recent years numerous highly competent experts have moved into the supervisory boards.

Whoever compares the current composition of a committee with that of ten years ago will therefore find out in many cases: Diversity has not only improved in the form of a higher proportion of women. In addition, young supervisory boards and new competencies have been added in many places.

Unleash the boards of directors!

At the same time, it has been widely recognised that supervisory board membership is a profession, and this has created a code of ethics. And I believe that we from the Association of Supervisory Boards in Germany have made a contribution to this.

But progress should not tempt us to be satisfied, but…

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