Initiative #KodexWende: Now it’s time to get down to business – and you can help


Last week I announced further information about the VARD initiative #KodexWende. Voilà: In an open letter, we called on Federal Justice Minister Katarina Barley (SPD) to stop the ongoing reform of the Code and to give the government commission a new mandate (here the associated FAZ report).

Beyond that, the media debate is also gaining momentum. “Code in crisis”, the Handelsblatt headlined in its print edition on Wednesday – and noted “massive resistance” to the draft reform.

The concept is a “bureaucracy monster” and leads “to the Americanization of the German code with a one-sided orientation towards investor interests”, author Dieter Fockenbrock aptly summarizes the criticism from large parts of the economy.

First the media, then politics?

We hope that the media debate will now also become a political debate as soon as possible – after all, it is about fundamental constitutional issues. And perhaps our open letter to the Federal Minister of Justice actually contributes to the fact that Berlin is no longer sitting out the economic storm of protest.

I would like to ask you for your support in order to bring even more momentum to the matter: get involved in the debate, for example on the social media. Over the next few days we will be taking the floor on Twitter in particular under the hashtag #KodexWende – and are looking forward to comments, likes and retweets. Here you can follow me and VARD.

Any additions, comments, objections? I look forward to your feedback:

Editorial by Peter H. Dehnen -> About the Person.