Corporate Governance news The German Supervisory Board Conference – The start of a far-reaching corporate governance reform?

Peter H. Dehnen

I can only speak for myself, but I have also heard it from numerous participants: The German Supervisory Board Conference (#DART14) at the end of last week provided a wealth of interesting insights and insights.

Two special highlights are discussed in this issue; I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all other speakers, discussion participants and visitors once again.

I was particularly pleased with the positive feedback on my keynote speech, which GermanBoardNews readers were able to read here last Friday: Within the framework of the “Supervisory Board Future Forum”, with which we traditionally let the DART fade away, I not only received encouragement for the criticism of the Code and the Government Commission – but also valuable ideas.

Together with my colleagues at VARD and in exchange with other renowned supervisory boards, I will continue to develop these ideas in the coming weeks in order to launch a broad-based supervisory and management board initiative for a corporate governance reform worthy of the name (more on this soon).

Because one thing is foreseeable at the latest since the publication of the half-hearted new draft: The current reform will at best be a reform. However, it is by no means enough to tick off a few points of content (board remuneration, independence) – we need answers to fundamental questions, for example about legitimacy and the mandate of the government commission.

Instead of using more hopes and resources, we should therefore start something new now – otherwise we will lose even more time.

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