Corporate Governance news – How much government is in the government commission?

In 2001, the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) received a statutory mandate to define standards of good corporate governance. In addition, the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection appoints the members “in agreement” with the Chairman of the Commission and the Federal Chancellery.
Is it just me who thinks it’s contradictory? On the one hand, the Commission should be an institution for “self-regulation” of the economy and work “independently of the federal government” according to the rules of procedure – and on the other hand, the same government decides on the personal details. Sounds like it to me: Yeah, you can do a little self-regulation, but don’t get rebellious.
We should therefore not only discuss a reform of the Code, but also fundamentally question the legal mandate and the “Government Commission” construct. In my view, it is high time for a new body that is truly independent of the government and represents our companies and their bodies – and therefore knows what they really need, rather than being one-sided in the interests of investors.
Because then the Code could – at last – also deal with topics such as co-determination, the Group and internationality, instead of presenting in small parts and far removed from practice what no one needs any more as information anyway.

Editorial by Peter H. Dehnen -> About the Person.