Ebeling, Nikutta & Co.: Why supervisory boards need psychologists

Chief controllers on the couch? That may be appropriate in individual cases. But it is crucial that they bring psychological expertise onto the board. Bonuses impair intrinsic motivation and the moral compass. Rigid targets are detrimental to creativity. And no: people are by no means inherently selfish. These are three scientific findings that psychologists and sociologists now regard as certain. Nevertheless, governance structures, compliance systems and manager salaries are still …

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Matthias Hünlein vs. Hasso Plattner: Fighting CEOs, weakening team spirit?

The new salary caps for CEOs leave room for excess. Which supervisory boards are keeping a sense of proportion, why mega-salaries are a high business risk. In future, supervisory boards will have to define upper limits for the salaries of their board members. Some have already done so, others are content for the time being to state the best achievable sum in the annual report. But it is already clear: …

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David Schwimmer vs. Theodor Weimer: Who attracts founders to the stock market?

The UK is making the stock market more attractive for entrepreneurs. Why Germany should follow suit – and what role supervisory boards play in this. After Brexit, stock market reform is on the horizon in the United Kingdom: a commission of experts recently recommended that the government smooth the way for founders and SMEs to enter the capital market. In the future, they should only have to place 15 percent …

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Brudermüller, Busch, Ploss – Who can survive without China?

The rapid recovery in the Far East has saved the bottom line for many corporate CEOs. But the growing dependence entails considerable risks. Why this is so – and what supervisory boards need to do now. BASF had a “strong final spurt” in 2020, cheered CEO Martin Brudermüller at the beginning of March. This was due in particular to the company’s business in China, where it recorded “double-digit volume growth” …

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Kramarsch vs. Singer & Co. – On the way to becoming an “Honest Investor”?

The danger of unholy alliances at the expense of companies is growing. We therefore need new guidelines for professional investors – and stronger supervisory boards. As you know, we are sceptical about the growing influence of investors on corporate governance. Not all readers are happy about this. We were recently told that we were “lumping all investors together”. So let’s be clear: We are aware that there are a number …

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Cromme, Helmes, Källenius: What are the supervisory boards of the stock market newcomers good for?

This year, a number of companies are rushing to go public. Shareholders would be well advised to take a close look at the controlling bodies. Because there is a lot wrong with them. The Manager Magazin stated a “brilliant stock market debut”, the FAZ rejoiced over a “price rocket”. And yes: the Auto1 IPO makes you want more and should encourage other companies. The pipeline of IPO candidates is well …

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jung & alt

Krick, Lehner, Hinrichs: Of old hands & young savages

Joe Biden’s inauguration is a good occasion to reflect on rigid age limits. Why companies should not chase the old from the yard, but do better. Isn’t it a paradox? In the US, a 78-year-old has just taken on one of the most stressful jobs in the world – and here in Germany, significantly younger supervisory board members are having to take their hats off in rows. Joe Biden’s start …

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Top vs. Flop: Supervisory boards, defend democracy!

*Anyone who thinks entrepreneurially must take a clear stance against populists. A plea for more consistent business lobbying We don’t know about you. But we can’t get the images of the storming of the Capitol out of our minds. The event brought home to all of us with brutal clarity how fragile our democracy is. It is not self-evident or immutable; it is an achievement that must be defended. And …

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Flache Hierarchie

Pötsch vs. Steinemann – the supervisory board as a brake on transformation?

The danger of blockades in the controlling bodies is growing. Why we need to rethink co-determination to prevent dangerous hangings. Good supervisory boards have been pushing vehemently for some time for flatter hierarchies and shorter decision-making paths. Because they have recognized: Only “agile” companies could react fast enough to rapid technological and social changes. It is therefore all the more annoying when the supervisory boards themselves become the brake on …

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Hasso Plattner vs. Manfred Bischoff: Our Supervisory Board of the Year 2020

Age does not protect you from performance: Why the head of the SAP supervisory board did many things right this year – and what his counterpart at Daimler missed out on. Admittedly, at first glance there is little to speak for Hasso Plattner as “Supervisory Board of the Year 2020”: First, co-chair Jennifer Morgan had to take her hat off after only six months. Then the Group revised its forecast …

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Schöffel, Kärcher & Co – the Corona stars of the German economy

It is in the crisis that character shows itself, they say. Those who have proven their worth in the pandemic so far – and those who have not. As the end of the year approaches, it is time for a balance sheet. We therefore asked ourselves: Which owners and managers have proven in 2020 that “responsible corporate governance” is more than just an empty phrase for them? During our research …

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Top vs. flop: BER & Bahn – A proposal for disaster prevention

With a delay of nine years, the Berlin airport opens BER. In order to prevent a repetition of this, politicians must define new public governance standards – and in doing so, orient themselves to Lufthansa. We can hardly believe it, but on Saturday it should actually happen: The first planes are landing at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport – a mere 14 years after construction began and almost nine years later than planned. …

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